Police Artist loves Country Side

This unique Country Art Museum was founded by Hong Kong Artist Kinsan Chung and his wife Ms. Jennifer Ip. They combined their past experience, and moved from the busy Wan Chai's Gallery to this country side. This museum mainly exhibits some domestic and characteristic artworks, such as famous artist Chung-shu Chan and Stephen Yau, or some new artists.

The paintings of Kinsan Chung mainly show the scenes of beauty in Chinese tradition. He strongly describes the line of scenery, and paint them very detailed. No body knows, he is a sergeant.

The most eye-catching part of this museum is the colorful outwall and the concept combines the ideas of European artists, e.g. Joan Miro and Kandinsky Wassily from nineteenth to twentieth century, showing on the outwall with symbolism. Kinsan Chung explains. 'this place mainly is the nature view, so I have to make the outwall colorful and eyecatching to attract visitors.'

Art Course and Art Market

The interior design is very different from outside. All tables, chairs and decorations are around the theme of Chinese traditional culture, to match up different exhibitions. Moreover, the museum would hold different exchange programme for multi-national artists and students, or different art course, or art market at the garden.

Opening in early October

Chung said that the art development in Hong Kong has made a large progress. Residents show more respect to art and creation, and you can see that songs and painting are going to be diversified development. Therefore, Chung's works would also use the new style to show on the traditional paintings. Country Art Museum would be opened in early October.