Tai Mei Tuk will become Art and Culture Village
(Tai Kung Po / 31 October 2005)

When the society was discussing hotly about the hardware and software of the culture and leisure of Kowloon West project, some artists had taken up the responsibility to promote the art and culture actively. The founder of Country Art Museum artist Kinsan Chung and other artists, planning to set up a Art Market at Tai Mei Tuk and paint a wall-painting at the longest dike of Plover Cove Reservoir in Hong Kong, promote the creative industry.

Country Art Museum and Art Market

Kinsan Chung set up the Country Art Museum at Tai Mei Tuk, and creates the 'Village of the Culture of Art'. It is because he wants to let people to know more about the culture of art.

Kinsan Chung said, Country Art Museum would hold different art exhibitions and promotion for the society, such as Country Photographic Competition, to let people know more about art. The garden at the ground floor would hold the Art Market on the middle of December, expect for selling the traditional snacks, they also would invite the new artist to demonstrate their works. The other fun fair would be held at the Lunar New Year, it could attract more visitors and be the most art characteristic place. Kinsan Chung said if the Art Market success, he would develop this to the whole of Tai Mei Tuk with the other shops there.

He also plans to hold 'Beautify the Country with parents and school' activity. Joining with schools, students and parents to beautify the country environment in painting. The first point would be in Tai Mei Tuk to Lung Mei Village. It would involve over 100 people to paint on the hedge of the bicycle path on one day.

300 people producing the wall-paint on dike

Kinsan Chung said 'every school would subscribe their theme to us for approval. Because many schools would join the project, it would make more design on the hedge.' The said project had been supported by Tai Po Environment Association. Chung said, the government officers would come to observe in a short period, and discuss the details of the project.

The other project would be 'Beautify the dike of Plover Cove Reservoir' and it would be the second trail point, Kinsan Chung would use the eco-pigment to produce a large wall-paint on the dike. Now, he would contact schools, civil societies, famous people and artists to join, and at least involve 300 people.