Wearing your slippers to visit Country Art Museum

Country Art Museum was founded by Artist Kinsan Chung. Mr. Chung wants more people to know about art. He said, 'There are many visitors everyday. Even though there are many museums in Hong Kong. I think they do not allow visitors wearing slippers to go in.' Kinsan Chung believes that, setting up the museum at the country side not only makes it more attractive than the city, but also the New Territories residents can know more about art.

The cradle of new artists The first floor of the museum is cafe and exhibition room, providing a relaxing and connecting place to visitors. Second floors also an exhibition room, it exhibits not only Kinsan Chung's work, but also provide a free place to new artists to exhibit their works. Kinsan Chung said. 'Someone has painted many years, but nobody knows his work. The museum can provide a place to new artist to exhibit their works.'