Baldwin Lui being a graphic designer for a couple of years, I understood that an artist should have extraordinary patience and observation ability, especially for the bigger pieces of paintings.
As a well-known artist in Hong Kong, Mr. Kinsan Chung has rigorously and earnest work manner. There is a kind of strength to shock our minds from his meticulous paintings. His paintings are full of details, as if there are more behind.
Mr. & Mrs. Chung contribute their every effort to set up the Museum, with their dedication and whole-hearted commitment.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to their persistent and endurance.

Baldwin LUI
A classical music lover, graduated in Graphic Design
Faculty of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

從事平面設計及藝術創作多年,深明愈大型的繪作, 愈需要畫家的非凡毅力及觀察力。鍾先生以超微精描的嚴謹態度,創作出震撼人心的作品, 畫作流露的細緻描繪,畫中有畫,仿如另一世界就在其中。
鍾先生夫婦並肩創立了私人藝術館, 全憑他倆同存一顆努力不懈、鍥而不捨的奮鬥心,鶼鰈情深,合作無間,如左右手協調地奏出一篇篇和諧美妙的樂章。 本人十分敬佩鍾氏夫婦的超凡能耐, 惟獨捨易取難的性情, 樂於以不佔空間的音樂,創造無限的想像世界,隨風飄逝。