Samuel Lee picked up his first manual camera at the age of 17. It started out as an exploration of light. He completed his BA photography in the art institute at Bournemouth, UK 2004. Soon his work was published in Spoon Magazine, New York; Blue Flower Exhibition, London.

Samuel decided to come back Hong Kong for his further development. He started as an assistant for several well known photographers in Hong Kong. Thought these years he has granted a lot of studio photographic skills. At the year 2007, he has gone further into his career. He became the lecturer of The Hong Kong City University Continuing Study Education where he began his photographic teaching. Presently, he is working hard on his visual art photography. Samuel believes that photography is a live, he is very kind on taking portrait, exploring fashion and still image. This is because he finds freshness and excitement of it.

李銘深在17歲的時候第一次接觸照相機, 開始探索光與影的世界.2004年他在英國波茅斯藝術學院完成他的攝影學士課程.不久後他的作品分別刊登於世界各地的雜誌及展覽,當中包括紐約的Spoon magazine與倫敦的 Blue Flower Exhibition.

隨後,李決定回港,從事觀感藝術攝影.任職期間,李在攝影上增進不少技巧及相關經驗.期後更進一步在攝影的事業上發展,跨進學術界的大門,於2007年擔任香港城市大學專業進修學院 - 創意視像攝影課程主任.目前,他正致力於藝術工作.李相信攝影有生命,他更為此感到興奮。